Meet the Designer Lift System

Standing desks have revolutionized the workplace, but there have always been problems transitioning from a seated to a standing position.
Not anymore.

Layouts Styles & Variants

  • Standard 120° Desks: works well open concept office areas and is also an attractive desk unit all by itself.
  • Corner Desks: ideal for desks that might be against an outer wall or set up in a 4-way configuration in an office setting.
  • Cubicles: adapt your existing cubicles to accommodate a modern, adjustable height desk. Save money while repurposing your current office system.

Designer Lift System

  • Allows the cubicle design to be uninterrupted, thus enabling the furniture and panel system to lock the panels in place as the manufacturers originally designed.
  • Has the ability to be incorporated within any and all furniture and cubicle systems from any era.
  • Work in unison with all ergonomic devices past , present and most likely future.


  • The designer lift system is equipped with a heavy-duty knee action safety joint that does not allow any downward pressure within 6 inches of the work surface.
  • Twin gas springs give the moving surface a much lighter, soft feel as it approaches the fixed work surface.
  • Six mechanical fasteners provide an absolute positive location and assures the moving unit will not migrate into the surrounding desk surface.
  • We have implemented a “lock out tag out” philosophy with our system. This means that you can lock your unit from being adjusted when desired.

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