Acoustic Panels

At IOS we offer many sound deadening solutions to accommodate your budget and your needs. Panels are available in many colors and size variations, from our entry level Economy series to our advanced Presidential series. For an economic setup, we provide a simple panel made of a composite material with a fabric covering. Mounted on the wall, these panels reduce noise, echo and reverberation effectively at a low price point. Our Presidential series consists of panels measuring approximately 4' x 8' which can be mounted vertically floor to ceiling or horizontally above a wainscoting. These panels are offered in an array of custom fabrics that will compliment your home or workspace. Panels are not limited to the walls, we can also provide a ceiling system that reduces noise from above your office space. Your ceiling can be divided into 4' x 4' cloth sections with hardwood borders and dividers that give a traditional boardroom appeal. The Presidential series is the ultimate in giving your office or workspace an atmosphere reminiscent of a sound studio.